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    Follow up of Paris's terrorists attacks:
    All hours are at french time, aka GMT +1

    22h39: Some simultaneous gunshots happened in Paris
    22h44: First gunshot confirmed in Bataclan, in a café (La Belle Equipe). Those places are in the 10th and 11th arrondissements is Paris A witness tell that a bit before 22h a man came out of a car and started to shot the café with a big caliber weapon.
    22h49: At least 18 deads confirmed around Stade de France and in Paris street Charonne and in the Bataclan.
    22h50: At least 3 gunshot confirmed, maybe 4.
    22h51: High crisis meeting in Beauvau with Hollande, Cazeneuve and Valls.
    22h59: 4 deads confirmed in Stade de France
    23h02: Horror scene, 6 corpses lean down the Charone street.
    23h07: Thousands of people are on the green in Stade de France, waiting to be evacuated.
    23h12: Everyone though it was some fireworks, and already 10 deads confirmed.
    23h14: Gunshots happened simultaneously in "Le Petit Cambodge", the "Bataclan" and the café "La Belle Equipe".
    23h18: French Prime Minister David Cameron is "shocked" by those attacks.
    23h28: In Saint-Denis, around Stade de France, 3 explosions detonated in "Quick", "MacDonald's" and "Events". 4 deads, and 9 highly wounded.
    23h30 About 10 people managed to escape from the "Bataclan"
    23h34: French people living in Paris started to offer their home to bystanders with the hastag #porteouverte (#opendoor for not frenchspeaking ppl).
    23h41: Official message of Paris: "Don't go out of your home. Wait for law enforcement's orders."
    23h43: Official message of Police: "Stay inside unless absolute necessity".
    23h47: 200 soldiers have been sent to help in 10th and 11th arrondissements.
    23h51: Barack Obama: "Face to this extraordinary terrorist threat, the US will stand for France","Paris attacks hit all humanity and our universal values".
    23h54: Hollande aanounce the emergency state, the borders are now closed in both ways. "Terrorists attacks are actually going on. There is dozens of dead people. It's an horror."
    23h57: "Terrorists wants us to be scared. There is threat, but against threat, there is a country who knows how to defend itself." , "An assault is give right now".
    00h01: Military forces are heading to Paris.
    00h03: White plan is setted up in whole Île de France.
    00h19: 5 metro lines are now closed (lines 3, 5, 8, 9 and 11).
    00h22: Gunshot in "Bataclan", explosions and 4 big deflagrations are heard.
    00h25: "It may be grenades" witness talking about explosions.
    00h27: Every school in Paris will be closed Saturday.
    00h28: Police assault is officially given at the "Bataclan"
    00h33: New deflagration is heard, some people are coming out of "Bataclan".
    00h34: GIGN is sent to the Halles.
    00h40: At least 7 terrorists attacks are confirmed.
    00h43: French TV channels don't have the right to do live in Bataclan anymore.
    00h45: A ladder is helping people to get out of "Bataclan" right now.
    00h57: Assault over in Bataclan, 2 terrorists are dead.
    01h00: Hollande cancels his flight to Turkey for the G20.
    01h12: 8 metro stations are closed, all around the 10th and 11th arrondissements.
    01h16: More people are coming out of "Bataclan".
    01h27: 6 deads confirmed in Saint-Denis, with 3 probable kamikazes
    01h34: 1500 more soldiers are mobilised
    01h35: Many witnesses from "Bataclan" tell that the terrorists said this was the fault of Hollande, of the soldiers in Syria.
    01h39: At least 112 dead confirmed by the mayor's office in Paris, counting at least 70 dead only with "Bataclan"'s attack.
    01h55: Hollande, in front of "Bataclan": "We will lead a fight, it will be mercyless".
    02h02: Armed policemans are now walking around the Halles.
    02h09: 3 terrorists have made themselves explode after they have killed few dozens of people. Only one kamikaze from Stade de France have been identified.
    02h09: At least 118 dead.
    02h22: Francois Molins "5 terrorists are now neutralized","The victime count is heavy and may exceed 120 deads.".
    02h45: Not a single policeman is dead in "Bataclan" assault, only one wounded.
    02h50: Israël is "standing next to France" against terrorism.
    03h12: Only 4 deads in Stade de France, counting 3 terrorists.
    03h34: The only dead street Voltaire is the terorist.
    05h21: 8 terrorists are now officially dead, 7 made blow themselves.
    05h51: At least 120 dead people are now reported, last official reports says 80+.
    06h09: Many homages around the whole world are now going on.
    06h36: Still no claim from any terrorist group.


    10h26: At least 123 dead.
    10h28: RT News says "Over 150 killes in coordinated wave"
    10h37: " " - 153 dead.
    13h31: Gunfire and Explosions in French Suburban (from Social Network)

    LIVE Aufnahmen

    Explosion Live während des Fußballspiels zu hören:

    Dieses Merkel-Regime sagt immer das die protestierenden Leute fremdenfeindlich sind und Hetzen, ABER Merkel hetzt mit ihrer Presse gegen Deutsche!
    Sind wir erhlich, die Alte sagt immer "Wir müssen die Flüchtlinge nur verteilen" , aber ich zitiere mal Peter Feist "WIR WOLLEN KEINE HABEN!"

    und für diese vollidiotischen Gutmenschen ... DAS SIND KEINE! Flüchtlinge!

    Vorallem das dann noch mit der Steuererhöhung zu labern.

    Nene die Steuern werden durch die Flüchtlinge die uns jetzt schon 45 Milliarden Euro kosten (Quelle n24) erhöht. neeeeeeeee machen wir doch nicht xD
    Ich wette mit euch in 2 Monaten werden die erhöht.