Exchange Premiumpoints to Points

  • Hello everybody,

    Here we would like to show you the exchange rate of Premiumpoints to common Points from our Pyschobar Deathrun Server.
    Premiumcoins are to be exactly 25% more value than common Points. This means that the exchange rate is at 125%.

    Now a sample calculation:
    100 Premiupoints x 125% = 125 Points

    Here a small demonstration of that:

    100 Premiumpoints = 125 Points
    200 Premiumpoints = 250 Points
    300 Premiumpoints = 375 Points
    500 Premiumpoints = 625 Points
    1000 Premiumpoints = 1250 Points

    When you have problems you should join our Teamspeak Server [klick here ip:]

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen, dein
    Defcon Network Team

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